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Our workplace is pretty unique. It's worth exploring…

calderbateman-1Our workplace is pretty unique. It's worth exploring.
calderbateman-7The building is older than anyone who works in it. Nobody is certain of its age, but Frank figures it was built in the ‘20s, so that’s what we go with.
calderbateman-2We love the worn wooden beams and floors we inherited. The ghosts are less loved—but at least they’re friendly.
calderbateman-6These days, the space is filled with an eclectic mix of funk art, period furniture, Macs and – like any office worth its salt – a mummified cat.
calderbateman-5Wandering is encouraged. Some of our best ideas have come from impromptu meetings in the leopard lounge or over a game of foosball.
calderbateman-2It's a sort of organized chaos that seems to make people equally comfortable and creative. In other words, it's the ideal place to craft stories for our clients.
calderbateman-3If we could, we’d put our space on award entries under the credit “Inspiration”. But that’s not allowed. We tried once.